About Us

Vision, Mission, Principles


The deeper we understand each other the better we engage.


To strengthen Australia-India Strategic Partnership through evidence-based research, exchange of new knowledge, targeted policy dialogues and innovative business solutions for the government, corporate and community stakeholders.

Guiding Principles


  • Amalgamate national and institutional visions

Consciously endeavour to sync IAIE’s institutional objectives with the priorities of the Australia India Strategic Partnership to help Australia-India bilateral ties grow rapidly and meaningfully.


  • Build policymaker-academic bridge

A successful syncing of the national and institutional visions will build a mutually complementary policy-maker-academic bridge wherein research knowledge and business solutions will not only contribute to informed policy-making but also be shaped by policy imperatives.


  • Shape strategic thinking

IAIE’s research agenda, critical thinking and policy dialogues are expected to shape strategic thinking in Australia and India generating new ideas, alternative discourses and fresh policy paradigms.


  • Encourage empirical understanding and first-hand experiences

IAIE is a foci of country/area experts possessing a rich repository of language skills, cultural competencies and socio-political understanding gained over the decades through lived experiences in Australia and India.


  • Foster collaborations and networks

IAIE will not only forge research and policy-driven collaborations with the government, corporate, academic and civil-society stakeholders but also foster a network of the Indian diaspora in Australia to draw upon their knowledge, experiences and needs in shaping the our engagement agenda.


  • Facts and evidence driven approach 

IAIE’s research outcomes and business solutions for stakeholders will be based on facts and evidence, in order to impact policy-making more effectively and build its standing as a leading policy institution on Australia-India relations in the region.


  • Maintain policy continuum

Institutional adhocism leads to premature termination of initiatives and engagements, generating despair and frustration among the stakeholders, which IAIE will address by maintaining medium and long-term engagement continuum. 

Our Objectives

  • Build policy-relevant project collaboration with government, academic and business stakeholders in Australia and India in the field of security, policing, defence, business, energy, education, sports and culture.
  • Prioritise delivering capacity development and business solutions in partnership with government, corporate and community stakeholders in both countries.
  • Produce high-impact research publications to shape strategic thinking in Australia and India.
  • Generate new ideas to inform public policy, shape strategic discourse and stimulate intellectual churning on current affairs through distinguished person’s oration, public lectures and seminars.